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Airspeed Star Mark _ Infinite Fiction Network _ ww (6th Dec 22 at 12:49am UTC)
Airspeed Star Mark _ Infinite Fiction Network _
Light, Moore and blue to see the sudden change, immediately ate a surprise, to the heart of the blue mark to comfort the first to reflect over, in the hands of the Aramaic staff a wave, issued a layer of white energy to hold the body of the mark, "quick, I will be the spirit of the dark God temporarily hit down, but his strength is too strong, as long as a recovery, I will be able to I will not be able to control the body of the sky mark, blue, use your Aramaic power to lose to me, under my guidance to purify the evil soul, must not let him connect with the dark ability, otherwise, the sky mark will lose control of the body forever. He did not ask for the help of the light because he was afraid that the power of the light would hurt the sky mark of the dark constitution. Now it is the power of the blue water God that is most suitable. With the sky mark for such a long time, blue is still very familiar with the star mark, without any hesitation, the head of the Aramaic staff has been printed on the chest of the sky mark, pure water power poured into the body of the sky mark. The practice of star marks is very simple. While the God of darkness has not yet responded to the blow of the soul, he immediately guided the power of the blue water to block the chest of the sky mark, completely separating the spiritual power of the dark God from the dark power. Without the help of the dark power, the dark God is like a tiger without its minions. The star mark relies on its spatial ability to assist the spiritual power to launch a crazy attack on the dark God. The dark God is also a cocoon,Mechanical fine screen, originally, with his ability to control the body of the sky mark. Just use the simplest way to threaten people with their lives, not necessarily can not leave here. But he thought of the power of Tianhen Tianmo and wanted to try it for a moment. As a result, it was exploited by the star mark. The God of darkness is also wily, he has long thought, after he controls the body of the sky mark. The first is to remove the star marks, fuse his space powers, then the Vulcan Dragon,wall penstocks, and finally the remaining soul of Luojia. As long as these energies are completely used for his own use, after a period of practice, he believes that he will be able to restore all his abilities, even more than the previous peak period of power. Unfortunately, the attack of the Great Elder of Light did not give him a chance to deal with the Star Mark. Instead, it was counteracted by the star mark, and the soul, under the constant impact of the star mark, was able to resist it, but it had fallen behind. By the time the power of the blue water God appeared, he had no possibility of resistance. Silver, white light in the sky mark brain constantly flashing, light and Moore came to the blue and the sky mark next to them to protect the Dharma, from the blue gradually changing expression, they can see. The sky mark has been gradually pulled back from the edge of danger. Faced with the strangulation of the blue and star marks, the dark God secretly complained, but it knew that he could not control the body of the sky marks for the time being, disc air diffuser ,fine bubble diffuser, instantly controlling his soul together, quickly together, his soul was strong enough after all, as long as the blue and star marks completely broke through his defense before the soul was condensed into a soul bead. Not afraid of their attack, after a period of sleep, later looking for opportunities to occupy the body of the mark, this is not a good way, once the mark to restore control of their own body, will naturally deal with him, but now facing the crisis of being removed from the spiritual brand, he can only do so, after all, this is the only way to preserve it. Just then, something unexpected happened to the God of darkness. A blue air current and a pale golden air current spirally appeared in the mind of the sky mark. Without any hesitation, they rushed directly to the area occupied by the God of darkness. The God of darkness, who had just attempted to condense his soul, suddenly had a big shock in his soul. His consciousness was blurred and was almost scattered by this force. Startled, he tried his best to resist the attack of the four energies on himself, while speeding up the speed of his soul, knowing that once he was slower, he would really be finished.
The blue soul energy is naturally the soul of Luo Jia who lost consciousness, although there is no conscious control, but because of the deep love for the sky mark before death, her soul naturally guards the body of the sky mark, and the pale golden soul is the nature of the sky mark, at this time, his own consciousness has been due to excessive sadness, temporarily disappeared, but under the traction of Luo Jia's soul. The sky mark subconsciously awakened part of his consciousness, making him think that he could not die, if he died not only could not revive Luo Jia, even Melise would be involved, it is for this reason that the soul of the sky mark's body mixed with the soul of Luo Jia at the same time. Although the soul of the dark God is huge, but under the attack of four souls at the same time, gradually unable to resist, although the soul of Luo Jia is incomplete, but after all, he was a soul sacrifice in his lifetime, and the star mark is a super God beast, in addition to a blue that inherits the power of Aram, these three powerful souls have caused a huge impact on the dark God. It is the soul of Tianhen noumenon that is weak because of the excessive sadness of consciousness, but it is by no means a force that can be ignored. The God of darkness watched his soul being devoured, and thought to himself that it was really a matter of stealing the chicken instead of eating the rice, and that he was afraid that only the brand of life and a small part of his soul could be preserved in the end. As soon as the idea came to him, the situation that plunged him into despair occurred. A red airflow mixed with black airflow suddenly appeared, like the souls of Luojia and Tianhen, intertwined and rushed over in an instant. In a flash, six powerful souls, black, gold, blue, white,rapid sand filters, silver and red, simultaneously launched a final charge against the dark God, forming an overwhelming advantage in the brain of the sky mark.
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