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The world of online games (6th Dec 22 at 12:58am UTC)
The world of online games
"I've already asked Bao's inquirer to help you check, but there's no news yet. I'll have to wait a little longer. On the other side of the territory, I also have friends who have gone to" get involved ". It's estimated that the people in the crazy domain will not dare to do anything now." Said the interface of the soaring sword. Damn, if I catch a chance, I must personally hang the thunder leopard guy and let him know how powerful I am. Blood-stained soil thumped the table and said ferociously. After hearing the words of blood-stained territory, I secretly thought about the agreement between Leibao and me on Saturday, but I didn't say anything about it so that they wouldn't have any misunderstanding. By the way, how is your pawnshop going? Arrogant Lingyun went on. Ok, I was going to introduce my partners to you today, but unfortunately, they all have something to do, so I have to take a rain check. The soaring sword replied. You open a pawnshop? Hehe, you will not only be a big gang leader, but also a big boss. As soon as I heard this, I said to the sword with a smile. Then you have to go to support more. What's not necessary? Just give it to me directly. How about it? Xiao Yin, if you are not a person, I will buy it for any amount of money. After listening to my words, Chongtian Jian also said jokingly. The drinker is not drunk, after the retreat, I now have some understanding of the form of heaven and earth, tomorrow, still waiting for me to continue to struggle. Chapter 194 going to a banquet. Chapter 194 going to a banquet. As the saying goes, people can't help themselves in Jianghu. What is Jianghu? Where is Jianghu? People are rivers and lakes, people are rivers and lakes, people are gone and rivers and lakes are empty. While digging the mine, I thought that the crime rate in our country has become extremely low because the current "government" has severely cracked down on all subjective "sexual" crimes with the death penalty. But this does not mean that there is no crime. The dark forces have not completely disappeared. They suppress and wait, as long as there is a chance. They're gonna make waves. The timely appearance of this game of heaven and earth is undoubtedly a good platform for those dark forces with gratitude and resentment in the real society to vent, divert their attention,american hot tub, distract their energy, and let them release in heaven and earth, while the leopard brother and the blood-stained territory dare to be enemies, and the golden emperor is obviously not a good bird. This is only part of the people I come into contact with, heaven and earth, such a gang organization, do not know how many less, forget it, what does it have to do with me, as long as we grasp the sense of propriety,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, heaven and earth is big, there is no place for me? Anyhow we are also the top people inside, but also afraid of who can not, with the ring of hypocrisy, even if I am defeated, want to get away with it, or no problem. With a clear sound, two pieces of ore, glittering and translucent, round like goose eggs, with bright red silk threads like spider silk emerging inside, fell into my hands. With a gentle grip, a burst of slightly hot air emanated from the ore. I raised it and sighed: "Heaven has eyes. After a few days of hard work, we finally dug this Cabernet Sauvignon concentrate." The place to brush the ogre is not out of the mine, and deep in the cave, because there is a large army of ogres swimming, I dare not take risks easily. I opened the stealth, and finally found a place to brush only two ogre shamans. After clearing them with a family, I played my great potential to dig the mine and chiseled the surrounding cave walls. The harvest of Blue Phoenix Stone is not small. It's this Cabernet Sauvignon concentrate. Today is the first time I met a big girl in a bridal sedan chair. How can I not be excited about you? Roar! Blackie, who was on guard, Whirlpool bathtub ,outdoor whirlpool, suddenly let out a muffled roar. I looked up and saw an ogre shaman who had just been brushed out looking at me angrily, raising his staff and chanting incantations. After these days of fighting, I am also familiar with this guy's attack routine, the first magic must be frightening, no war spell, and the second, is from the ground burst out of the thorns of vines, strangling opponents, behind, it is the turn of the fireball ah, spiritual burning and so on, so I do not have to say, Xiao Ying rushed to the front, hard to block the ogre shaman's first move, only it. To be immune to spiritual magic, and Blackie, with White, rushed at it from the side.
As for me, I have changed into a dagger, a stealth into the void, opened the rapid killing of the ogre shaman, in front of me, but there is no chance for you to calmly start the second move. The ogre shaman used his hoarse voice to shout crazily, and the spirit burning of almost pure white "color" was constantly emitted from him. Since he didn't have enough "singing" time, he could only use this to respond to my close attack. If I didn't have an extra 40% magic defense, I guess I really couldn't stand the burning of his continuous and non-sexual soul fire. But now, we're fine. Sunspot, don't be afraid, give me a bite, Xiao Bai, give me poison, Xiao Ying, you can play as you like, how fast the sword can dance, hang it I have a prize, master under my leadership, the little ones are brave to fight the enemy, this just brushed out of the ogre shaman, also did not play well, went to date with the gods, kicked over the body of the shaman, my eyes immediately swept past. "Beep" pager suddenly hurriedly called up, this file, who will look for me? I opened it and said, "Brother Yin, haven't you forgotten the appointment tonight?" It was Leibao who left the message. I patted my head, ah, today is already the weekend, we just work hard, the time has been forgotten, did not expect that the days passed really fast. Let's take a good look tonight and see what this leopard brother is up to with me. At six o'clock in the evening, I appeared on time outside this magnificent and magnificent expensive restaurant. I looked up and saw "milk" and "milk". Now the restaurants are more and more magnificent. When I first came here, there were only a few seafood hotels. Under the soaring material needs of the players, the businessmen grasped the opportunity really well. I'm already here. Where are you? I threw a message to Brother Leopard and said. The hidden brother is really punctual, you tell the NP fellow to look for me, he will bring you up. Brother Bao replied. Damn, this leopard brother's shelf is really big, we associate with other people at the eldest level, all of them greet me with a smile, you also let us find ourselves, clearly look down on me,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, heart, insincere ah, I secretly thought.
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