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Super high-tech overlord (6th Dec 22 at 1:36am UTC)
Super high-tech overlord
In front of the show of cannons and automatic rifles with scopes and burst function, this time after showing the basic skills and qualities of soldiers, Gu Naibin had a deeper understanding of the legendary Zhenguo Army, thinking that this unit is really not comparable to the general team, not only advanced weapons, but also very strict training requirements for soldiers'skills. Complete a series of physical exertion huge action need to be done in a very short time, 100 meters target practice less than nine rings above have to be reprimanded by the officer, these soldiers after intensive training, to the battlefield fighting capacity can not be strong, met such a strong opponent, no wonder the Qing Dynasty soldiers of six thousand people in southern Jiangsu were beaten by the national army in a few hours. Gu Naibin had to be shocked by Zhenguo Army. Volume I War of 1911 Chapter 73 Battlefield Military Exercises "Because of the limited space, our training program can only show Gu Guandai the tip of the iceberg. Our army will hold a small-scale military exercise today. How about asking Guandai to go and observe it and give some guidance?" Then Zhang Tiewu said with great interest. Oh, Gu came to visit and study this time. Your army, from soldiers to generals, are all capable people who are good at fighting. How dare Gu show off his incompetence? It's okay to learn your army's valiant fighting style in the past. Please lead the way, Zhang Yingchang! Gu Naibin very not easy to act as a spy,stainless steel edge trim, can be so close to spy on the military strength of potential opponents, of course, willing to do it, immediately modest way. You're welcome! Zhang Tiewu deliberately showed his muscles to his opponent and achieved good results. He was naturally proud and smiled. After a few people walked along a winding path, they arrived at a small hillside 25 kilometers away from Jiaxing City. The slope of the hillside was only about 15 degrees, about 70 or 80 meters wide,aluminum tile trim, and the slope was about 100 meters long. It extended to a large green meadow on the grassland. The hillside was dotted with some waist-high weeds. Swaying comfortably in the wind. On the right side of the hillside, there is a hill about 70 or 80 meters high. Close to the hillside is a huge rock about 30 meters high on the hill. The uneven brown rock mass stands in the wind like an ancient giant. On the left side is a mountain as high as 100 meters, which can not see the end. On the top of the hillside, there is a flat land about 20 meters wide, which is the dam of a lake. Behind the dam is a natural lake. The surface of the lake is rippling, with some white smoke floating on it. You can faintly see the dense forest on the other side of the lake a few miles away. The flat ground on this hillside dike is the position of one side for today's exercise. Three snake-shaped trenches have been dug on the side of the dike near the periphery. Each trench is about one meter wide and 150 centimeters deep. There are passages connecting the three trenches. There are two caves in the third trench to avoid artillery fire. When it is attacked by the enemy's fierce artillery fire, Soldiers can quickly run to the caves to hide through the passages extending in all directions, and each cave can accommodate more than 100 people. The exercise was divided into black and white sides. It was assumed that the mountain forest behind the lake was the location of the White Army's base camp, which was the nearest place to the base camp. After crossing the lake, they could approach the base camp, which was a shortcut to the enemy's command post. After capturing the hillside, aluminium edge trim ,stainless tile trim, the black side used boats prepared in advance to transport light mountain artillery and other equipment across the lake to the mountain forest on the other side and set up attack positions. The White side had a company of about 150 men who had dug trenches on the hillside to defend it, and the Black side had three companies of about 500 men who were responsible for capturing the position and then crossing the lake to destroy the enemy's command post. The purpose of this exercise is to break up the attack of the black side and defeat the enemy, so as to defuse the direct threat to the command post. Zhang Tiewu, Gu Naibin, and others took their seats near the rocks on the right side of the top of the slope, where a temporary exercise director group was set up and a temporary tent was set up, with three officers at or above the company level as members of the director group, and Zhang Tiewu as the group leader. The duty of the director group is to calculate the results of the exercise, act as a referee, and judge the victory or defeat of the black and white sides through the data statistics during the exercise.
At 2:30 in the afternoon, after a shot was fired, the exercise officially began. The White side received intelligence showing that three times as many black'enemy troops' were coming straight from the front. The number of personnel stipulated in the exercise was the remaining strength after the artillery saturation attack of both sides. The two sides then launched a frontal charge and defensive battle. Because of the flat terrain in front of the position, the two sides used blanks to shoot each other. Although the blank ammunition has no warhead, it still has a certain lethality within three to five meters. Therefore, the two sides will not really shoot each other at close range. Instead, the director team will calculate the number of casualties on both sides according to the comparison of firepower between the two sides, the amount of ammunition and the length of time. When the number of casualties exceeds two thirds of the total, one side will be judged to have lost its combat effectiveness. Then the companies defending the lakeside beachhead first entered the position, lined up in the trenches, set up defensive formations, and waited for the enemy to charge within rifle range and fire. Black's three companies of five hundred men soon charged from the front, but only four hundred men appeared on the front battlefield and stagnated five hundred meters in front of White's position. The White side immediately received information that there were about 50 enemy troops on the left and right sides of the mountain, relying on rock climbing tools to go up the mountain, "wiping out" the White side's more than a dozen defensive fighters on each of the two hills, and then outflanking the White side on both sides of the position, preparing to attack the White side from a commanding position above the mountains on both sides, so that the White would be surrounded on three sides, and the situation was very urgent. Gu Naibin sat on the chair of the director group, crossed his legs, and has been paying close attention to the changes in the battlefield situation. The new army often carries out various military exercises, but when the equipment is different, the results of the exercises are naturally very different. He would like to see how the new weapons and equipment of Zhenguo Army play an advantage on the battlefield. After Gu Naibin saw the strength comparison between the two sides, he did not know the significance of Zhang Tiewu holding this exercise, because according to the current position situation, the black side had an absolute advantage in numbers and firepower, and had already controlled the commanding heights on both sides,aluminum tile edge trim, forming an encirclement against the white side. The situation was quite unfavorable to the white side. Generally speaking, the victory or defeat had been divided, but Gu Naibin felt that there must be a good show in the future. So he waited patiently for the change of the battlefield situation to see what tactics White could rely on to repel Black's attack.
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