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Search for the mystery of the case (7th Dec 22 at 12:33am UTC)
"Your Majesty, you haven't had dinner yet. How do you like it?" Lian Ying hurriedly followed Rong Tian and knocked him on the shoulder as he walked. " Hearing what you said, I'm a little hungry. Go back to your room and use it. Feeling himself hungry, Rong Tian turned around and ordered. Lian Ying was ordered to trot all the way down to get ready. With a yawn, Rong Tian walked out of the cabinet, only to see a shadow in front of him stop and attract his eyes. The man stood upright, dressed as a bodyguard, wearing a black gauze cap on his head and a sword tied around his waist. From a distance, he looked like a pine tree, tough and straight. How long has Huo's bodyguard been here? Why didn't anyone inform me? "Rong Tian's face sank and he looked at the palace people who were waiting on him.". Palace people immediately look nervous, "Huo bodyguard came for almost three hours, even father-in-law he did not say?"? Villain …… The little man doesn't know. Three hours, that guy actually stood for three hours, idiot, also do not know to find a place to sit, usually did not see you so obedient, hum, deserve to let you stand! Rong Tian scolded in his heart. At his feet, however, he unconsciously ran toward the man. Huo Mingzhu. Huo.. Behind him called out, turned to the front of a Huo word just called out, Rong Tian immediately black face,65 inch touch screen, anger rose. In front of Huo Mingzhu closed his eyes, the tip of his nose gently sprayed hot air, the corners of his mouth still had saliva from time to time, and he looked like he was sleeping soundly. When Gu Yue came back, she immediately told Li Binghua what Huo Mingzhu had told her. Li Binghua found that what Mingzhu thought was exactly what she wanted in her heart. In that case, she raised her hand and asked Cai Xun to issue a notice, saying that the murder case in the prime minister's house had been solved. The murderer, Shuilian,classroom interactive whiteboard, surrendered and confessed, and was executed at a later date. As soon as the notice was posted in the yamen, the people were seething with excitement. There were people who clapped their hands, and there were also people who pointed at it. There were even storytellers who were going to weave it into a story and go to the teahouse to make a big profit. In short, there were different attitudes in life. Red stared absently at the white paper in front of her, her mind was blank, and slowly after that, she ran out of the crowd and ran all the way. What to do? What to do ? Little brother …… My brother is innocent. He can't be beheaded, he can't. Running to the corner of the alley, Honger panted and collapsed on the ground, tears in her eyes sliding down her cheeks along the corners of her eyes drop by drop. It's all her fault. If she had looked at her brother well in the morning, maybe he wouldn't have gone to the Yamen to surrender. It was all his fault. He slapped himself in the mouth, and Honger regretted it. That day.. What happened that day was so vivid in her mind that she could never forget it. I remember when I had diarrhea, I dragged my collapsed body to go back to my room to rest. I didn't expect that there was a quarrel not far from my ear. She was warm-hearted and ran over to see what had happened. I didn't expect that she saw her brother who had been separated for five years at a glance. She wanted to recognize him immediately, but the abuse in her ear made her stop and hide on one side. The foul language in the woman's mouth was directed at her younger brother. She had not seen him for several years. She heard the humiliation of her younger brother in her ears and felt pain in her heart. Her younger brother was still young when he was bought by the procuress. The woman was the oldest in a group of children. At first, she treated her younger brother very well, smart board for conference room ,interactive flat panel display, and his younger brother treated her as a sister sincerely. But later, when the woman saw that his younger brother was growing more and more beautiful, she had a color heart. Raped him while he was unprepared, and left his younger brother in the ruined temple without knowing how to deal with the aftermath. What was worse was that two or three beggars who came in later saw that his younger brother was weak after being forced, and also followed the gang rape of pigs and dogs. After a lot of tossing and turning, his younger brother's life was worse than death, wishing he hadn't been born in the world.. When the woman laughed arrogantly, she only hated that she didn't have a knife in her hand, so she couldn't stab her. She only hated that she didn't have an axe in her hand, so she couldn't split her head. Suddenly, her eyes flashed, and her brother couldn't stand the stimulation. He picked up the inkstone on the table and smashed it at the woman. Suddenly, the woman fell to the ground and didn't move. One of the younger brothers came to his senses and saw blood spattered in his hand. He ran out of his mind and accidentally pulled something down from his waist and fell to the ground. At that time, Honger wanted to go up and pick up her brother's things, but she didn't expect someone to walk into the room quickly. At first glance, it turned out to be her master's cousin, Gu Mingfeng.
Seeing that the ancient young master did not hesitate to pick up the jade pendant and put it in his arms, the red son did not know that his younger brother had followed the man at that time. At that moment, he was both flustered and anxious. The panic was that his younger brother had been seen hurting people. The anxiety was that he was afraid that the ancient young master had told his master and caused trouble. After Master Gu left, she wanted to find a place to hide the woman, and then find a place to bury her in a few days. Unexpectedly, as soon as she approached, the woman stood up trembling and holding the table. When she saw her, she told her brother first. She was so angry that she grabbed the inkstone with old and new hatred and smashed it up, once, twice, three times.. I do not know how much hit, I saw the man pumping his feet, the breath gradually faded away, until it disappeared. In the final analysis, the real killer is her, not the poor and innocent brother, Hong Er thought of this can not help but burst into tears, crying. 62. It's hard to get away In the late autumn of Dahua, the temperature difference between day and night began to widen, especially at night, when an occasional gust of cold wind immediately made people shiver. Ever since she was caught sleeping in the act, Huo Mingzhu has been assigned to keep vigil outside the emperor's bedroom, which is totally intentional to find fault. Huo Mingzhu was shivering with cold, and her lips kept trembling up and down. If she stayed here all night, she would probably catch a cold tomorrow. In the bedroom a few steps away, Rong Tian was holding his cheeks, chewing the rice in his mouth, and glancing out of the window from time to time. In the dim light of night, the trembling figure especially attracted his attention. Huo Mingzhu. With her name in his heart, Rong Tian felt his own palpitating mood without accident. It was undeniable that he was really interested in her, both bright and dark. He was twenty-one years old. Although he did not know the taste of love yet, he was not stupid. Some things did not need to be taught, especially feelings,smartboards for business, which were more accessible to people and went straight to his mind. After casually looking out of the window again, Rong Tian suddenly put down his bowls and chopsticks and got up and walked out of the house. Huo Mingzhu, come in! "Rong Tian shouted at the figure.".
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