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Ice Dragon Warrior of Online Games (7th Dec 22 at 12:41am UTC)
Summer is at a loss: "What about me?" "Well, you can do anything as long as you don't bleed or die!" Summer nods: "Oh, that I am looking at at the same time, refuel to spirit son!" "When Bss wants to add blood, you have to remind me, otherwise the fight will be endless!" Summer: "Oh!" Although the attribute of Bss is intrepid, the white horse it sits down is a bit inferior. It is no match for the white-striped tiger at all. It is run all over the map by me and Xiner. When a few attack skills cool down, it rushes back to Bss and then runs away. There is no way to hit Bss. It can only roar again and again! Suddenly summer shouted: "Idiom, Bss to add blood skills!" " As soon as I heard it, I turned around and charged. Sure enough, the ball of light in Bss's hand had already appeared, nnd. It was not easy to knock off so much blood gas. How could it be added so easily? The shield hit me immediately. As a result, I retreated again and again. This fellow's strength was not small. He just stepped back. Of course, in this step, the ball of light in his hand dissipated. Suddenly, Bss looked at me with his eyes like breathing fire. I put a dragon on his face and turned around and ran away. Behind me came the roar of Bss. I thought to myself: You can call it. If you have the ability, you can purify it into a fairy beast. Even if you become a fairy beast, as long as you can't catch up with me, you can still fly a kite to kill you! Obviously, he didn't have such a good life to evolve. After we interrupted him several times when he wanted to add blood, his blood gas was finally empty. He fell to the ground with his horse. My experience rose to 77% and he didn't move. Summer and Xiner didn't upgrade, but Linger and Xiaoyu each upgraded two levels, with a happy face! Looked at the equipment on the ground,Grey Marble Slab, there is a sky-blue helmet, a look to know that it is part of the cloud dream suit! A black armor, a silver shining sword, seems to be very good, today is really a good harvest day ah! Cloud Dream Helm (Ghost Weapon) Physical Defense: + 182 Spell Defense: + 182 System: + 2 Strength: + 2 Bonus: Increases the user's Physical Defense and Spell Defense by 2% Set Effect: Increases the use of 4% of attack, 3% of the maximum blood gas, 3% of the Physical Defense and Spell Defense Required Level: 13 Unidentified Xiner consciously took it from Linger and fondled it, while Summer and I stared at the black armor, which would be a ghost if there was no accident! Armor of the Great Shield (Ghost Weapon) Physical Defense: + 1911 Spell Defense: + 1911 System: + 2 Strength: + 2 Bonus: Increases the user's Physical Defense and Spell Defense by 2% Required Level: 135 Unidentified "Wow,Artificial Marble Slabs, this ghost armor seems to be better than my cloud dream suit!" Looking at Xiner shouting, I laughed and said, "This equipment is 135. Of course, it's better than 13, but it's just a little bit better!"! "Summer Beauty, let's vote!" Summer looked, a face of sob: "Forget it, 135, I am still very early!"! Besides, this black one doesn't look good! I am stupefied, do summer want to let me again, say then: "Do not talk nonsense, cast at once, otherwise did not have a meal at noon!" Said to call out the throwing system, despite the opposition of the summer point down, the results of the summer 77 points, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Agate Slabs Countertops, I 62 points! Summer is a little angry: "You this fool, give you you do not want, fortunately this is not bound, hurry to take!" " Then he put the equipment into my hand! I took it and stuffed it back, saying, "Summer Beauty, when you take this equipment, you will become a master of magic defense from a rookie of magic defense. Don't you really want it?"? I have a half-body ghost and half-body gold equipment, which is enough for defense. Xin'er has a set of ghost equipment. You don't have to worry about fighting and leveling in the future. You still have a set of gold equipment. In case a group of mages come over, you will be finished. You don't want me to protect you all the time when you PK, do you? "That's good, too!" Summer muttered in a low voice.
"Don't talk nonsense," I said angrily. "Take it quickly, or I won't let you live in my house." "Then you can help me identify it later and give it to me!" I Forget it, if you lose money, you will lose some money. Last time I was arrogant and bloodthirsty, I bid with a rich male brother for a level 9 ghost weapon lizard mace, which earned me more than 270,000 yuan. It should be enough to identify these equipment. Now the gold coins have dropped to 3:1 compared with RMB, but that's 90,000 yuan anyway. These guys are really rich! "There's still a long sword," said Xin'er. Several people hurriedly came to their senses and looked at its silvery appearance, which seemed to be quite awesome! Giant Silver Sword (Silver Equipment) Attack: + 914-1321 System: + 1 Strength: + 1 Required Level: 135 Depend on, unexpectedly is the silver equipment, as expected is the giant y n base (for the harmony, with the pinyin, the meaning, you understand) summer is holding that sword, the eyeful blurred looks at me: "idiom, in order to thank you so to take care of me, this sword has given you, you certainly must collect well!" I gnashed my teeth: "Today's clothes, bowls and chopsticks, hygiene package to you!" " Summer hides his face: "Whoo, I was wrong." So I finished the task in the morning, brushed two layers in a row, and tried to brush six layers directly in the afternoon and evening to get together a cloud dream suit! There are three Bss in front, in addition to three suits, there will certainly be some other ghost equipment, and the latter ten will be immortal beast level Bss, if you can kill it is bound to be a bumper harvest, and then hand in the orange task even if not to level 14 is not far away! I'm afraid when we get out, we're going to have to make light of them again! Level 16 five turn, level 18 can go to hatch the dragon, is really quite looking forward to ah, when the time comes to take the sacred dragon out to fight Lian Ji must be quite cool! Still don't know when to start the national war? Now foreign servers and Chinese servers are independent of each other, I do not know how many levels of foreign high level, with my current level even if less than the first, the gap should not be very big, after all, the players in China are still very diligent! Who cares, get off the line to eat,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, brush two layers in the afternoon, brush one layer in the evening, and the task will be done! Chapter 175 of the main text.
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