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Ringing Horse-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise (7th Dec 22 at 12:51am UTC)
"What are you going to do, fast horse?" Asked the steward. The fast horse Zhang still went out as if he had not heard. He Jiuru ran after him and grabbed him. "Where are you going, fast horse?" He asked. Quick Ma Zhang turned around and said with a cold face, "Ninth Master, I'm quitting. I'm going back to Zhangjiakou right now. You can ask someone else to be smart about the matter of stepping on the road and standing in front of it." He Jiuru didn't understand for a moment. "Why?" He asked? Fei Mushu has already left. Fast horse Zhang smiled coldly and said, "Ninth Master, you think I'm afraid of Fei Mu-shu. You're wrong about what I mean. Cut off the big scar on my head. Even the most ruthless person can only take my life away. What do I have to be afraid of?". Let me tell you, it's not Fei Mushu. My life is in Qinglongpo. They saved me by picking the willow from Qinglongpo and sent me all the way to the city gate. Without saying anything, they left. They trampled the road for the camel team from Zhangjiakou, but we entrusted them to the official family. I feel sad. I have no face to run in Jianghu any more. What are you waiting for if I don't go back to Zhangjiakou? He Jiuru was stunned, his old face twitched several times, and the steward's face suddenly darkened a lot. Fast horse Zhang finished speaking and turned to go. Quick horse, you wait. The girl in red suddenly opened her mouth. Fast horse Zhang turned around and said, "Miss Luo, what else do you want?" "You're right," said the girl in red. "You should go. We usually think we're so decent and heroic, but today we've done such a thing as biting the hand that feeds us. It's a shame. After I ask you a few words, you go your way. Where are the people of Suo Life Throwing Knife Ma Qi? "I'm dead," said the fast horse Zhang. "I was kicked to death by Fei Mu-shu." He told the story of Fei Mu-shu's death, that is, the story of Fei Mu-shu's saving him. After hearing this, the girl in red then asked, "Where is Fei Mu-shu?" "Let's go," said Zhang, the fast horse. "They didn't say where to go, and I didn't ask." The girl in red sneered and said, "Let's see how we can pay this debt. Quick horse, you go." After saying this, she turned around and went inside, and quickly Ma Zhang wanted to go. Ba steward stretched out his hand to stop the girl in red and shouted at the same time, "You can't go,x60 line pipe, fast horse." "Why can't I go, Master Ba?" Asked the fast horse Zhang. Ba steward: "Those two inside eat business meal, know you came back." "So what if I know I'm back?" Asked Zhang. "I don't want to see them. Is it against the law?" "Quick horse," said the steward, "we've all been friends for many years. You have to think about Yu Kee." Kuaima Zhang sneered and said, "Ba Ye, forgive Kuaima Zhang for saying a word of discretion. It's chilling to make friends these days. I won't leave if I don't aim at Yuji Firm." When he turned to go, the steward suddenly shouted, "Stop." The heavy shout made people's ears buzz, and the fast horse stopped at Zhang's feet. The steward said coldly, "I also know that shopkeeper Luo has taken the wrong step, but his surname is Fei, after all, he is a noisy horse." Zhang Huo, the fast horse, turned around and said, 347 stainless steel ,x52 line pipe, "Ringing horse?"? They don't sound like horses at all. They are chivalrous and righteous. "" Ba steward said, "You met him alone, but no one else did. Shopkeeper Luo did it for the sake of the goods you pulled, and also for the reputation of the Zhangjiakou Camel Team, surnamed Fei, who will continue to come north in the future. You and I both know what he was like before we met him. Can you blame shopkeeper Luo?" The fast horse opened his mouth a few times, but did not speak. As a matter of fact, what steward Ba said is also reasonable. Of course, it is the most contemptible to bite the hand that feeds you and repay kindness with resentment. But there is a sheep in wolf's clothing in the flock. No one dares not guard against it before he lifts the wolf's skin and sees it clearly. Ba steward said, "I can't say it's your fault for your dissatisfaction with shopkeeper Luo, because you've been saved by Fei Mu-shu. You're just riding a tiger. At this critical juncture, you can't turn around and leave as soon as you get angry. At least you can go in and deal with those two people who eat official business, even if you look at my old face named Ba." Fast horse Zhang hesitated and did not speak. "Quick horse," said He Jiuru, "I won't force you." Fast horse Zhang nods, way: "All right!"! Ba Ye, I'll go in with you.
” The steward looked at the girl in a twinkling of an eye and said with a straight face, "Mingzhu, it's up to you whether your father did the right thing or not. But you're a daughter. You can't make trouble for your father at this critical juncture. Do you understand?" The girl in red lowered her head and did not speak. Ba steward glanced away and said, "Look at the camels. The others will go in with me." Turn around and go back first. In the back, the brothers stayed outside, and the steward took the fast horse into the small living room, followed by He Jiuru and the big girl. Inside, shopkeeper Luo accompanied the two guests, who were all dressed in blue satin robes with bulging waists. Both men were thirty years old, one of medium height, with a proud face, the other tall, white, with two moustaches on his lips, and a smile on his face, which made people feel that he was gloomy. As soon as shopkeeper Luo saw the fast horse Zhang, he stood up and said, "The fast horse.." The steward stopped him with a wink. "Master Gan, Master Zhao," he said, "this is the fast horse Zhang." As soon as the two guests looked at the fast horse Zhang, the moustache asked with a smile, "Are you the fast horse Zhang?" There was no expression on fast horse Zhang's face. "Yes, I am fast horse Zhang," he said. The moustache surnamed Gan raised his eyes and said, "He's badly hurt. Somebody take a chair and let him sit down." The steward quickly pulled up a chair and put it behind the fast horse Zhang. Gan's moustache raised his hand and said, "Sit down, sit down and talk." Fast horse Zhang is not polite, sat down immediately. The moustache, surnamed Gan, glanced at him. His eyes were a little strange, but the smile on his face did not diminish. "Where did you come from?" He asked? Do you know where they are? "I came back from Qinglongpo, and their willows are on Qinglongpo." The moustache, surnamed Gan,x56 line pipe, turned to shopkeeper Luo and said, "It's easy to know where their nest is. Shopkeeper Luo can rest assured that we will leave this matter to the relevant government office. You know, our bodyguard camp doesn't care about such trivial matters." 。
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