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Invincible login gift pack system _ 20200215155404 (5th Jan 23 at 1:08am UTC)
The wish is good, but the result is not so, when he came to the small black room in dreamland, the fifth day landing ceremony extracted is a book of metaphysics, called "Snap Finger Xuangong". Bu Qingyun is now a monk of the Four Heavens, but there is no one on his body. This set of mysterious skills comes at the right time. He hungrily opens the books that appear in his hands. On the brand-new page, there was a picture of the meridian route of Xuangong and a few words of truth. He simply sat down and read it carefully. Snap Finger Xuangong is divided into six powerful stages: the first is Qiushui, the second is Instant, the third is Chasing the Wind, the fourth is Silent, the fifth is Returning to Pu and the sixth is Super Dust. Looking at the explanation of the fingering one by one, Bu Qingyun's frowning brows were suddenly enlightened, his eyes were shining, his expression was excited, and he shouted in his mouth: "This fingering is really awesome!"! A play of autumn water is like a slow river, seemingly soft and weak, but full of stamina, continuous impact, and a trace of coolness, to reach Mahayana can make people cold to pause for a few seconds.. No longer thinking about anything else, he devoted himself to this set of fingering, immersed in the mysterious artistic conception of the truth, even some doubts were forgotten when he was ready to ask the system elves. A night without words. When naturally woke up from the small dark room in dreamland,die cast light housing, it was already dawn, and today the old man did not appear in his room with a straight face, which inevitably gave Qingyun some doubts. His heart secret way is not good, thought is what happened, hurriedly got up to step flying in front of the door, knocked twice found no movement, this just pushed the door and entered. I saw the old man sitting in the air, surrounded by heaven and earth aura such as little stars gathered to him,non standard fasteners, enveloping his body surface emitting a soft light, the original white snow silk now appears more and more black silk, occupying half of the head, the most obvious temples, is black and shiny. Seeing this scene, Bu Qingyun showed a yearning look and muttered: "The reason why the body refiner is really respected should be that his life span can be prolonged …" Who in the world doesn't want to live forever and keep his face forever? He closed the door and backed out, standing on the edge to guard, although there would be no strong enemy at the moment, but just in case. In this way, until noon, the old man's room came out of a light roar, like a dragon and tiger singing, shocking people's mind. Step by step with a smile of relief, their own strength and another floor, now look at the whole Jizhou city, including the master of the day after tomorrow, car radiator cap ,deep draw stamping, there are only five refining more than nine days of refining. There seems to be a difference between the Nine Heavens and the Eight Heavens, but there is an insurmountable natural moat between them. Ten Eight Heavens are no match for one Nine Heavens, so we can know the strength of the Nine Headings?! Those who wanted to annex the family before, if they learned the news, they would all be worried and afraid that they would be found out to have participated in the action of destroying the family before. The old man was in high spirits, more and more like a young man, as if he were more than ten years younger. He walked out of the door and saw his grandson waiting in front of the door. With a bright smile on his face, he said, Qingyun, what was the elixir you gave me before? There is such a magical effect that I can go further in my stagnant cultivation, and now there is no need for the Bujia to fear those who have evil intentions. Bu Qingyun smiled and nodded, but did not speak. He did not intend to tell his secret, even the closest people would not tell him. Anyway, you don't want to say that you have your own reasons. Grandpa doesn't insist. The old man suddenly stopped. His face changed and he said seriously, "There are good and evil in the way of cultivation. But the so-called good and evil are not some mysterious skills, but lies in the human heart. The evil of the heart is not terrible. What is terrible is the evil of the heart. You must remember Qingyun." "Grandpa, you can rest assured that your grandson will never do anything against his conscience." Bu Qingyun nodded cautiously. How could he not know what the old man meant? Bu Feitian was worried that his grandson would go astray. All right, you go to the ancestral temple to have a rest, and I will go out to perform another play, so that those crafty people can believe it. Step flying said, then ready to turn around and leave, but suddenly thought of something, hurriedly changed the clothes before the fight, hair is also disheveled.
If you are interested in a look, you can see one or two from the hair, but at this time the attention of those people are not here, their hearts are more or less looking forward to step flying has been crazy, so that their ancestral land can be included in the bag. Walking on the street, the common people are talking and pointing in a low voice. It's a pity that the step family has fallen. "Alas, what has happened to the Bujia family in the past few days can be described as a turning point." "If such a conscientious family were gone, wouldn't we ordinary people suffer even more?" One of the old men who rented the field of the Bujia family sighed. Bu Feitian turned a deaf ear to this and laughed all the way, even though he was thrown by the children with stones. After walking a few streets, Gou Shengjian and several of his followers stopped in front of the old man. Isn't this Mr. Bu Feitian? Why are you so free to go shopping today? Eh? What's the matter with you? Dirty as a dog. Bah, it stinks to death. With that, he spat a mouthful of phlegm and almost splashed it on Bu Feitian, which drew a burst of laughter from his entourage. Young master, are you wrong? Where is the old man of the Bu family? It's clearly a lost dog. "What a lost dog, this is a dog bastard, even worse than a dog!" Gou Shengjian was very happy to hear the curse of his entourage, and he saw the shaggy-haired Bu Feitian with his head down and indifferent. He was even more pleased in his heart, and his mouth was even more arrogant: "Hey, I said, where are you going, Mr. Bu?"? Do you want my good nephew to give you a kick? Or let you have a swim? The attendant chimed in, "Young master, how can you let him swim?" "A mouthful of phlegm." "Ha ha ha.." Yes, a mouthful of phlegm from this mole ant is enough to drown him. Gou Shengjian and his entourage played such a play, secretly Gou crazy to see is also sneer at again and again, the heart is very happy, he and Bu Feitian since childhood,die casting parts, has never seen Bu Feitian so laughed at and abused. If this step flying is not crazy, hear such words will be angry, he is still very understanding of the old man's character.
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