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Warming is naturally dull (5th Jan 23 at 1:26am UTC)
My mother bought it for me. I didn't pick it out myself. Can you stop laughing? Lin Ning is very helpless, he does not want to wear such a kawaii apron ah. Suddenly remembered that there was an apron in the cabinet that Lin's mother bought and gave away. Lin Ning made a prompt decision to take it out, tear open the bag and shake it out to put on Xu Xiao. What is it? Xu Xiao let him put it on and was pushed into the bathroom to look in the mirror. Only then did I notice that the apron on my body was printed with a pink Patrick Star. The whole apron is pink. When Lin Ning saw Xu Xiao like this, he was so cute. He was afraid that if he looked any more, he would imagine Xu Xiao wearing only an apron. Quickly pulling back his deviated thoughts, Lin Ning continued to cook. Xu Xiao can't cook, but he can help wash vegetables. The two men were laughing and laughing in the kitchen. I'll make you French fries first. Lin Ning handed Xu Xiao the potatoes he had just peeled and asked him to wash them first. OK Xu Xiao buried his head and began to wash the potatoes, deducting all the skin that had not been peeled clean. Lin Ning only thought it was funny, why could his own Ah Xiao be so cute? But now Lin Ning's state is happy to see him. Lin Ning cut Xu Xiao's washed potatoes into thin strips, and when the oil in the pot was boiling, he threw them down and fried them. He bought two potatoes without buying more, and after frying them out of the pot, he filled them with a large plate. Go ahead and eat. The ketchup is already on the table. Lin Ning had long noticed Xu Xiao's eager little eyes. OK Xu Xiao happily fed Lin Ning a few and left with a plate of French fries. Lin Ning will continue to prepare dinner, he plans to make a tomato stewed beef brisket, this takes a long time to stew first, but also fried vegetables, this is afraid of cold last fried, there is a tomato scrambled egg,carnosic acid price, and then a green pepper fried shredded meat. Almost, and finally make two bowls of Seaweed Soup. After Lin Ning recalled the steps one by one, he began to do it. Before eating French fries, Xu Xiao did not forget to take a picture, drew a smiling face on the French fries with ketchup, and took a picture of Lin Ning's back, who was still busy in the kitchen. Although Xu Xiao said before that he would pull weeds for Weibo, he really didn't know what to send. Now I have the idea to edit the micro-blog. [Cv Little Pudding: Smiley Fries and Spongebob Apron (Scissorhands)] The French fries sold outside are not as delicious as those made by myself, especially those made by my boyfriend, rosmarinic acid supplement ,turmeric extract powder, which are absolutely the most delicious things in the world. Xu Xiao secretly thought happily. Just sent out of the micro-blog after a while there will be a new message prompt, Xu Xiao while eating French fries while watching. [Pudding Production Base: Hahahahaha Smiley French Fries = Love French Fries? Pudding boy, hand over the man in SpongeBob's apron behind you! [Pudding loves you: wow, wow, five good young people who can cook in modern times, please give me a dozen! Purr [Ryoko Sauce doesn't want to eat cold noodles recently:?? What's going on??] [Song Jiang loves to sing: hahahahahaha! It's brother Ning!] [Pudding Factory: Meow Meow Meow? Tune sama said like this, is this cool figure in SpongeBob SquarePants apron a lemon sama?! Love to eat a pro: Qiaodou sack! When did (T ^ T) Pudding secretly marry himself off?!] [Deep and shallow: what? Isn't little pudding a straight man? My dream is over [QAQ] [Ryoko Sauce doesn't want to eat cold noodles recently: @ Quzi Sauce loves singing, beat you, and don't tell me if there is a situation!!!] [Tune sauce loves to sing: @ Ryoko sauce doesn't want to eat cold noodles recently. I didn't think of it either.] [Bu Xiaoding: Combined with the dialogue between the two big planners, this little spicy chicken went to find the micro-blog of the great God Xi Zi Ning. What kind of love story is this! Show the way @ cv [lemon tea] …… On this day, there was a red post on ys Little Pink. # Secretly in love with the possibility of success, today I stand "lemon pudding" # The content of the post is a screenshot of the two main micro-blogs, and the timeline is specially highlighted. 3L: This is a sad and beautiful love story. I love you, but I think you are straight. I love you secretly. As long as I can be with you, I would rather let go of my happiness. Fortunately, he finally came.
Otherwise, Xi Zi Ning Dada will be inconsolable, QAQ. 4L: The Pudding Childe used to be accompanied by romance. As a girl, I can't dream. I must add a lemon to the pudding milk tea in the future! 5L: Add lemon + 1 6L: Add lemon + 2 7 L: Add lemon + 3 8 L: Add lemon + 4 …… Xu Xiao also did not think that he just sent such a micro-blog, unexpectedly will let everyone think so much. But now that everyone has found out, he has nothing to hide. Ryoko sauce immediately sent a voice chat. Xu Xiao immediately picked it up: "Ah Niang.." Ahem, what's the matter? Ryoko Jiang's tone was a little hurried, as if he could not come to his senses: "Qu Qianqian's soul is weak, and she doesn't say anything to me.". She already knows that Xi Zi Ning likes you! Pudding, I tell you, don't be so good to kiss, as a man, you must learn to counterattack! Do you understand Xu Xiao this side is open to put out, Lin Ning just cooked tomato scrambled eggs to come out to hear the last sentence of Liangzi sauce. Xu Xiao was blushed by what she said. What is this. Lin Ning looked at Xu Xiao's shy face and couldn't help walking over to tease him. Understand what? Lin Ning sat down beside Xu Xiao and asked. Without thinking, Xu Xiao answered: "Counterattack..." "Well, it's good." Lin Ning couldn't help laughing out loud and took Xu Xiao's cell phone to talk to Ryoko sauce. Ryoko,jujube seed powder, do you think we need to talk? Lin Ning made an action of wiping his lips toward Xu Xiao, and Xu Xiao did not know why. Don't bully my pudding! Or I and the song will never forgive you! Ryoko sauce said that he was very aggrieved, and his voice was too good to be angry. You can't forgive me. I can understand. Why is the song? Lin Ning reached out to help Xu Xiao wipe off the remaining ketchup at the corners of his mouth. Xu Xiao watched the conversation between the two men while eating French fries in a low voice.
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