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System Vendor [bookben. Net] (12th Jan 23 at 1:02am UTC)
With a wink at Meng Hao, Li Yu went on to say, "Our three families have been together for generations.". Could it be that you, the eldest son of the Fang family, look down on me, a side branch of the Li family? Don't you look down on the declining Xu family? "Hm?" When Meng Hao heard this, he immediately understood. It turns out that brother Li is making our new identity well-grounded? The name "Fangmu" was not chosen by Meng Hao casually. He vaguely remembered, as if he really had the name before. I just don't know why I didn't use it. Meng Hao told Li Yu about the name when he changed his vest to attend the Song family's son-in-law recruitment meeting. At this moment, Li Yu helped him get a real "square wood" identity, and it was not difficult with Li Yu's ability. Thanks for brother Li's instruction. I know what I did before is wrong. Thanks to Elder Martial Sister Xu's forgiveness. In the future, the younger brother will never dare! Understanding the context, Meng Hao can only reluctantly accept the reality. Well, it's good to know your mistakes and correct them! Zi Yun Dan Dao is unfathomable and worth studying. Now that you are here, you must practice seriously. "Yes!" This dialogue made Meng Hao feel extremely uncomfortable. After a few pleasantries, he left in a hurry. Time goes by day by day. The days are quiet and ordinary. There is no such kind of intrigue and bloody fighting as the backer Zong. Even if there is a dispute, it is also a normal competition. Meng Hao likes this atmosphere very much and is very interested in the way of vegetation. Turn over one million small! Say the book Listen to Dan Shi's lectures, pick and plant all kinds of medicinal materials, and catalyze all kinds of herbs. The medicine boy's life passed quietly for two months. When "" On this day, a mighty bell rang, echoing in the land of Dan Valley where one hundred thousand medicine boys are located. This is Hearing the sound of the bell, the medicine boys became excited one by one. The stove bell has rung and the fairy earth is about to open. This is the qualification test of Dan Shi's examination! That's great! You must perform well in Ziyun Fairy Earth, otherwise, you will not even be qualified to take part in the examination of Dan Division! In the excitement of a group of medicine children, the shadow of a huge alchemy furnace appeared in midair,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, covering the sky. One hundred thousand medicine boys, all into the purple transport immortal soil, picking mature medicinal materials. "Attention!"! When picking medicinal materials this time, you can only pick the medicine you can identify. Every time you pick one, you have to brand your identification of this medicinal material in the jade slips. "Ziyun Fairy Earth opens!" A mighty voice echoed in the air, and a brilliant light interweaved on the virtual shadow of the alchemy furnace. Boom! A loud noise shook the void, and a huge whirlpool of colorful interweaving was born between the brilliant circulation. Each Dan Valley deacon, leads the medicine boy to enter the immortal land! As soon as the order was given, a group of medicine boys, led by the deacon, plunged into the colorful whirlpool. Through the whirlpool, appear in front of everyone, Vending Machine Motor ,small geared motors, is a vast and boundless world. There are no clouds in the sky, no blue sky, only nine suns! On the earth, there are mountains, plains, rivers and lakes, but the whole earth is like a huge medicinal garden, full of all kinds of medicinal materials. Ziyun Fairy Earth is a small world. Is it all used to grow medicinal materials? Li Yu glanced at this world and nodded with a smile, "Use a small world to grow medicinal materials, it seems that to cultivate a Dan teacher, this consumption is not small!" To become a Dan teacher, we need to practice constantly, and naturally we need to consume materials constantly. To train a Dan teacher is simply burning money! "You have a month to collect herbs.". A month later, the collected medicinal materials and the jade slips engraved with the identification of medicinal materials were handed in together. Deacon Dan Gu gave each medicine boy a storage bag and a blank jade slip. A group of medicine boys went deep into the fairy land and picked medicinal materials everywhere. Is that boy Li Yu, whose purple light rises into the sky and whose dead wood meets spring? How is he learning the way of vegetation these days? "I don't know.". But he's only been around for three months, right? The way of vegetation is to keep in mind the appearance and medicinal properties of various medicinal materials, which is not so easy to master in three months.
” Is that a square wood? Did he also let Qingyunmu sprout? This little fellow is only two months old, and surely he hasn't had time to remember the nature of a hundred thousand plants? "The Patriarch has said: normal disposal is enough.". So, let's not interfere. Just let them grow naturally. Such a peerless talent, stable growth is the key. A few old guys talked a few words, and then they stopped paying attention to the situation in the fairy land. In the land of Ziyun Fairy, almost all the herbs that can be used as medicine in the world are planted here. So, this place just proves the knowledge of vegetation. I've read a lot of books, and I've catalyzed a lot of herbs. However, it is impossible for Li Yu to come into contact with all the medicinal materials introduced in the book within three months. Now, Ziyun Fairy Earth is open, just in time for him to compare the knowledge in the book and verify the real thing. Li Yu began to identify and pick medicinal materials. On the other side, Meng Hao is doing the same thing. Sure enough, seeing is believing! No matter how much you read in the book and how detailed you describe it, you can't compare with seeing it with your own eyes. Comparing with the knowledge of vegetation in my mind and seeing the real thing, I have a clearer understanding of the growth environment, appearance characteristics and medicinal characteristics of various vegetation. For a long time, I have hardly refined the elixir by myself, which is made directly by the system function. It's really right to come to Ziyunzong this time! After identifying the herbs, Li Yu found that this experience seemed to make up for one of his own weaknesses and make his mind more complete. Chapter 1236 everywhere you go is brilliant. "I took a lot of shortcuts to cheat with the power of the system." Alchemy is like this, refining utensils, amulets, formations, and so on, Li Yu has taken shortcuts,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and has hardly done anything by himself. The path of spiritual practice has reached its peak, and every step forward has become very difficult. Any defect in oneself will affect the ultimate achievement. So that's it! I was lazy before, but now I have to make up for it.
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