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Episode 11 Beacon Smoke Rises Again 01 (13th Jan 23 at 1:00am UTC)
When Lin Bi heard this, she sighed lightly, "I have devoted myself to my work until I die. It's a pity that this man is not in my Northern Han Dynasty.". You go on talking. Only then did Wang Ji go on to say, "Jiang Zhe was also in the Hunting Palace at that time, and he was seriously ill. It was he who immediately saw through the plot of the prince and did not let King Yong die in vain at the hands of a villain.". When King Yong broke through, he wanted to take him with him, but Lord Jiang took the initiative to stay, and it was Princess Changle who collected Lord Jiang. Lin Tong rolled his eyes and said, "Why did Princess Changle take him in? Did they have an affair?" Wang Ji hesitated for a moment and said, "I don't know about this grass people. Princess Changle used to be the mother of Southern Chu, and Lord Jiang used to be a courtier of Southern Chu. Princess Changle lived in the palace all the year round. It's rare for Lord Jiang to enter the court. It's reasonable to say that they can't have an affair. Later, someone said that after Princess Changle entered Chu, her favorite thing was poetry and articles. Lord Jiang's poetry is the best in the world." Princess Changle loves Lord Jiang's poems most, so I'm afraid she loves Lord Jiang. However, there was a difference between high and low, and the names of the monarch and his subjects could not be overstepped, so Princess Changle refused to advise Emperor Yong to recruit Lord Jiang as his son-in-law. But at the time of the Hunting Palace Incident, Lord Jiang went to ask for help, and Princess Changle naturally wanted to save him anyway. Later, Lord Jiang devised strategies within a command tent, and the princess took the secret decree token from Emperor Yong. Then Lord Jiang sent someone to send the secret decree out, and this time invited the soldiers of King Qin. Lin Tong asked curiously, "Lord Jiang went to ask the princess for help. Does Lord Jiang also know that the princess likes him?" Wang Ji said with a smile, "The grass people don't know. In fact,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, Lord Jiang can only ask Princess Changle for help anyway. Princess Changle has always been neutral. If Prince Dayong and King Yong fight, the princess may not intervene. But when it comes to the emperor, the princess has a deep love for his father and daughter. Naturally, she will not sit back and watch the prince coerce his father." Lin Tong asked again, "So Lord Jiang wasn't found? How did he send out the secret decree?" Wang Ji looked reverent and said, "Lord Jiang is probably hiding very tightly. Besides, maybe the rebels didn't pay attention to this weak scholar.". As for the imperial edict, this is the most unexpected place. Xiahou yuanfeng was originally a member of the prince's party,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and also participated in the rebellion. It was said that he was very close to Prince Shaofu Lu Jingzhong, so it was unexpected that this man took the opportunity to send a false letter to the prince to take the real secret letter out. Xiahou yuanfeng was not originally Yongwang's person, this is everyone knows, no one can understand why this person will be persuaded by Lord Jiang. He gave up the dark and turned to the light, but he made a great contribution, and now he is deeply trusted. But Jiang's ability is really admirable, such an impossible thing has been done by him. Lin Tong nodded and said, "So that's it. Tell me about Jiang Zhe's forced to kill Master Feng Yi. I still don't believe he has that kind of ability." Wang Ji brightened up and said, "Speaking of this, it's really convincing. Lord Jiang is just a weak scholar. I'm afraid Lord Fengyi can kill him with one finger.". Feng Yi door rebellion failed that day, all the rebels were surrounded, is about to catch all, who knows Feng Yi door Lord fell from the sky, a single sword, in the hall above a station, the golden palace above in addition to the emperor prince, is a famous minister, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, Jianghu master, but in the head of the three great masters, in front of a woman, unexpectedly all bow their heads, no one dares to look at each other, But Lord Jiang, a weak scholar, was dying, vomiting blood and dying. His voice was like gold and stone, sonorous and forceful. He would rather die as a jade than as a tile. He forced Lord Fengyi to agree to stay as a hostage in exchange for the lives of his disciples. Who can match this kind of boldness of vision? Lin Tong wanted to speak, but he didn't dare to breathe when he had the honor to pay a visit to the national teacher. In this way, Jiang Zhe dared not fear life and death in front of Fengyi's master, and he was really jagged, so he didn't speak. Wang Ji added, "Not many people know what happened next, but on the seventh day, Master Fengyi was surrounded and killed by Master Cizhen of the Shaolin Temple, who led the master and the evil shadow Li Shun. The great master died with hatred.".
” Lin Tong asked, "Then how can we say that Jiang Zhe forced the Master of Fengyi to be killed?" Wang Ji said, "The news came from the Shaolin Temple. It is said that Master Fengyi was injured at the beginning. She took the nine-turn heart-protecting pill of Mr. Sang, the medical saint, and temporarily protected her heart. But Lord Jiang was a disciple of the medical saint. He was proficient in medicine. What method did he use to make Master Fengyi run out of life in seven days? So Master Fengyi was forced to fight to the death in the end." Master Cizhen is also a great master, and Li Shun, the evil shadow, is also a top master. The eighteen Vajra of the Shaolin Temple joined hands to form a battle array. How could the Master of Fengyi not die? And I heard that it was Li Shun, the evil shadow, who took advantage of the duel between the two great masters to attack and seriously injure the Master of Fengyi, forcing the great master to burn himself to death. "If the Master of Fengyi had no will to die in his heart, I'm afraid Hongfei would have disappeared long ago." Lin Tong looked very shocked. After a while, he said, "This Lord Jiang is really awesome. But Master Cizhen doesn't have the demeanor of a great master. He joined hands to attack and let people attack and plot against him. But how could he spread such a thing? How shameful it is!" Wang Ji shook his head and said, "The grass people thought it was a joke and a legend, but they didn't understand Master Cizhen's thoughts." Lin Tong looked up at Lin Bi and said coquettishly, "Sister, you must know.". Tell me quickly. Lin Bi was pestered by her, but she had no choice but to say with a smile, "What's so strange about that? That Lord Jiang is so scheming. Master Cizhen spread the word about it. Naturally, everyone is wary of it. When the time comes, he will naturally be a little more wary of this Lord Jiang. I think Master Cizhen is a little sad about the death of a fox." Lin Tong nodded vaguely and said, "Oh, what about Wang Ji, Jiang Zhe and Princess Changle?" Wang Ji added, "When the Master of Fengyi showed himself, there were all heroes in the Golden Palace, but they all bowed their heads. Only two of them were always fearless of life and death, which was admirable. One was Lord Jiang Zhejiang, who, with his weak body, shouted at the Master of Fengyi, which made the heroes blush. The other was Princess Changle. At that time, Lord Jiang was injured by the internal force of the Master and vomited blood." Princess Changle, regardless of the sword of Fengyi Gate,304 Stainless Steel Coil, visited the injuries of Lord Jiang, and ignored life and death, which made people sigh. 。
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