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I'm pregnant with the man's child. (13th Jan 23 at 1:07am UTC)
Han Shu lowered his head with a smile and raised his eyes again. "Miss Bai came to our house to complain at the beginning of the year. I didn't say anything. Are you still wronged?"? You said I was against you, and I don't know where to start. What am I aiming at you? What do you have that I'm aiming at? But you are targeting me everywhere. We are in front of Meiqi. You opened the factory after I opened the garment factory. What's more, there is a beautiful word in your name. That's all, but why do you open a store when I open a store. It's your business to open a store, but you don't know what you're doing, so you open your store next door to our beloved life. If there are only one or two stores, I won't say anything. The key is that each of your stores is next to my store. Who are you targeting? 81. Watch the Tigers Fight from the Mountain Most of the people who come to pay New Year's greetings to the Zhao and Shen families are named in Nancheng, and everyone will have some contacts more or less. Whether it's personal or business. In business, the most taboo is that someone makes a secret move behind his back. White Dew's Zhi store hasn't opened yet, and many people don't know about it. Hearing Han Shu speak out, everyone's eyes became a little complicated. Even the shop is opened next door to others. If it is not deliberately targeted, who will believe it. White Dew should be prepared, after Han Shu finished, her face showed a ashamed expression, "originally is this matter, I really did not think of.". Boss Han misunderstood me. I didn't mean anything to you at all. "I have no experience in running a garment factory, nor in running a garment business. I used to think that I could rely on Shen and someone would lead me to do it.". Now I can't rely on Shen, I can only find a way out. Others say that boss Han is capable and runs the garment factory well. I especially admire him in my heart. I just want to learn from boss Han how to run a good clothing business. As for the location of the exclusive store, I did deliberately stay with your store. Because I have no bottom in my heart, I feel more secure when I am with you. You can rest assured that we will never steal your business. Quibble. Han Shu sneers in the heart, this white dew really has the style of white lotus flower. When she said that, there was really no way to refute it. No wonder she complained as soon as she came. It turned out that she was paving the way for the following things. Store opened together, the style of clothes together,10g Ozone Generator, she said to learn from their own can all cover the past. When she said she didn't want to steal business, she was treating everyone else as a fool. Zhao yuanfang's face is very pale, before also thought this girl is good, now it seems that the ability should be some, but the mind is not quite right, fortunately not with the law of time together. Our family does have a set of clothes in the business of counting. Lulu, if you want to follow the math, you can say it clearly. If you do this, those who don't know the inside story will think that you are counting against us, against the Shen family, against the Zhao family. To do business, we should be generous and make some small moves behind our backs. No matter what the reason is, Kamado bbq grill ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, it will cause misunderstanding among others, don't you think? Can White Dew say no? What Aunt Zhao said was that I thought too much. I was afraid that boss Han would misunderstand me and refuse to teach me face to face, so I thought of such a way. Bai Yun smiled shyly and said to everyone, "My Lulu is simple-minded. She only wants to do things well. She is not very thoughtful in many cases. I don't know when she will offend people.". And ask you to bear more. Han Shu also smiled, "Mr. Bai is really polite, Miss Bai is the most intelligent person I know.". He is too clever to treat others as fools. As soon as Bai's father and daughter's faces changed, they really didn't expect Han Shu to say that. Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year when guests come to the door, the Zhao family has always been fastidious, will not quarrel with others in the first month, but will not fall into the face of others. And now, when Han Shu said that sentence, and did not hear the old man Zhao's shout, nor did he hear Zhao yuanfang's stop. Those who were present were not human spirits, and they knew the attitude of the Zhao family as soon as they turned their minds. Boss Han really misunderstood me too much.
"White Dew lowered her head disappointedly." Maybe it was because our Bai family was too close to the Zhao family before, and then I married into the Shen family, so Boss Han thought I had ulterior motives. In fact, I really just want to run the garment factory well, and I want to finish what I start. Now that I have opened a factory, I don't want to think about myself, but I want to think about the factory in the factory. I can't just watch the factory go bankrupt. You can't understand everything too well, especially in the new year, you can't make a good New Year's Day stiff just because you want to be happy for a while. It turned out that I had misunderstood Miss Bai, and now that I had said it, it was nothing. There are many enterprises making clothing and many enterprises opening exclusive stores. Miss Bai wants to learn from me, so she must work harder. Don't blame me for walking too fast when she can't catch up with me. "Sure, sure." White Dew also smirked. The conversation about the company ended here, and everyone began to gossip again. When no one was paying attention, Mr. Zhao gave Han Shu a look of great approval, and Mr. Shen looked at each other, and the two old people whispered to each other. While he was talking, another guest came to pay a New Year call. It was a young man with glasses that no one here knew. Zhao yuanfang estimated his appearance and hesitated. Grandpa Zhao, Aunt Zhao, my father Gong Jiaqiang, my name is Gong Tao. "So it's you. No wonder I think you look familiar. You've grown so big." Zhao yuanfang stood up and looked up and down at Gong Tao. "Are your parents all right?" "Thank Aunt Zhao for her concern. My parents are in good health." Gong Jiaqiang is Zhao yuanfang's ex-husband, whose son comes to pay New Year's call, and most people will not welcome him. But looking at Zhao yuanfang's face, there seems to be no hard feelings. Han Shu and Zhao Shilu's eyes met, and they also felt that it was not quite reasonable. This Gong Tao looks not young,ceramic bobbin heater, should be about the same as Zhao Shilu, not much younger, what is going on? Gong Tao had come over to them and held out his hand. "Is this Big Brother Zhao? Hello." "Hello." "Sister-in-law Zhao is good." Han Shu also followed back a good.
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