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Broken Sword Swordsman (13th Feb 23 at 2:08am UTC)
He took Hao Jiaojiao, Xiao Jianhan and Fang Bizheng to his small house facing the cliff and discussed in a low voice what was important! At this time, Fang Bizheng said with a gentle smile, "Old, is it appropriate to do so?" "Princess Zhan Rourou must be very shrewd," said Fang Bizheng. "If we don't pay attention, we're afraid we'll give the game away. It'll be a bad thing." Gu Buguai laughed and said, "Little Hanako, what you said is too general!"! I don't understand what you're worried about. Fang Bizheng said, "You always want Brother Xiao to subdue all the princess's men while they are waiting outside the door.".
Then it would be too risky to try to find the residence of the King of War! "What's the risk?" Asked Gu Buguai with a laugh. "The people in the Hall of Shaking Heaven are not weak," said Fang Bizheng. "Why are you so timid, little flower?" Asked Gu Buguai with a smile. "It's the most important place in Wulin," said Fang Bizheng. "How dare the younger generation be careless?" "Brother Zhan Hao's good name has frightened Xiaohuazi," said Gu Buguai with a smile. "This is the truth," said Fang Bizheng. "The younger generation really doesn't dare to be disrespectful to Zhan Lao." "If I tell you one thing," said Gu Buguai with a smile, "you'll be shocked." Fang Bizheng said with a smile, "Are you trying to keep me in suspense again?" "Little Hanako," said Gu, "don't you seem to suddenly believe me?" "No," said Fang Bizheng! The younger generation just can't think of anything to be surprised about at the moment! "Have you ever heard your master talk about Zhan Hao's past?" Asked Gu Bu. "I've heard of some," said Fang Bizheng. "Although Zhan Hao is known as the King of Swords,warehouse pallet racks, he can't really be the King of Swords and Palms," said Gu Bu. "Have you ever heard of it?" Fang Bizheng shook his head and said, "Is there such a thing?"? The younger generation has never heard of it! "That's it," said Gu Buguai with a smile! Xiaohuazi, there is one thing I haven't told you. Why do I want Xiao Xiaozi to find Zhanhao today? It's very important! "Old," said Xiao Jianhan with a smile, "don't keep me in suspense. Tell me quickly." "Boy," said Gu Buguai with a smile,push back racking system, "I think we should first talk about Zhan Hao's frustration in his unique skill of sword and palm. Maybe you can come up with some ideas. What do you think?" "You always think it's necessary, and the younger generation doesn't object," said Xiao Jianhan. "You're surprisingly easy-going," said Gu Buguai with a smile. After a pause, Xiang Bizheng said, "Xiaohuazi, do you know who Zhanhao's wife is?" "Of course I know," said Fang Bizheng with a smile! Who in Wulin doesn't know the name of'Nanhua Sword Queen 'Leng Rongxiang? You always want to test the younger generation, which is not difficult for the younger generation! "I didn't want to use this to consider you," said Gu with a smile. "I just want you to figure out that Leng Rongxiang's kendo skill is better than Zhan Hao's." "Really?" Asked Fang Bizheng. "When have I ever told a lie?" Asked Gu Buguai with a smile. "It's ancient," said Fang Bizheng. "In terms of swordsmanship, fighting an old man is no better than fighting a queen. What about in terms of palms? Who is stronger than Zhan Lao? "Xiaohuazi," said Gu Bu, "in good conscience, there are at least five or six people who are superior to Zhan Hao in their palms! And In terms of swordsmanship, apart from the queen of the sword, heavy duty metal racks ,cantilever racking system, Xiao Xiaozi's teachers, such as Ersheng, Gong Yehong, Luo Tao and so on, are no worse than him! Gu does not blame this one to say, can listen to them dumbfounded! Since so many people have surpassed Zhanhao in terms of sword and palm, why does he have the title of "King of Sword and Palm"? Fang Bizheng was the first to say, "Old, this.." How did Zhan Lao get the title of'King of Sword Palm '? As far as martial arts are concerned, isn't that unreasonable? "To put it bluntly," said Gu with a smile, "it's very simple, because these people didn't fight with Zhanhao at that time, and those who fought with him were all defeated by his sword!" Fang Bizheng was stupefied for a moment. Suddenly he laughed and said, "So that's it.." "Do you understand?" Asked Gu. "I see," said Fang Bizheng. But Xiao Jianhan said with a smile, "It's old. What does that have to do with the fact that you want the younger generation to see your grandfather tonight?" "Of course it does," said Gu! Because, as far as I know, 25 years ago, your grandfather had already lost his power on his own. He swore that he would never talk about martial arts again in his life and that he had never been in charge of the temple of shaking the sky! "Why didn't you mention it earlier?" Fang Bizheng asked. "There's no need to mention it before the time comes," said Gu. After a pause, he added, "Besides.." Brother Zhan doesn't want outsiders to know at all. If I had said it one day earlier, tomorrow's meeting would have been a massacre!
"Old," said Fang Bizheng, "who is the Heavenly King now?" Gu Buwei shook his head this time and said, "If I had known, why would I have traveled thousands of miles to Zhongnan?" Suddenly, Xiao Jianhan's eyes flashed and he asked, "Old, did my grandfather really lose his power 25 years ago?" "There are only three people in the world who know about this," Gu said with a smile, "and I'm the one who witnessed it myself." "Is that true?" Asked Xiao Jianhan. Fang Bizheng also asked at the right time, "Old, who are the other two?" "The other two are the Queen of the Sword and the'Shadow God and Demon 'Blue Sky," said Gu Bu. Fang Bizheng laughed in disbelief and said, "Old, did Zhan Lao come to you to testify?" Gu Buguai laughed and said, "I'm not testifying!"! Brother Zhan was afraid that if he was careless, he would be possessed by the devil and be disabled for life. So he asked the old man to be there just in case! Fang Bizheng said with a smile, "How could Zhan Lao find you alone?" "You don't understand that," said Gu! The essence of the old man's medical way, besides Yan Youqing in Wulin can still be compared with the old man, I'm afraid I can't find another person! Fang Bizheng laughed and said, "The younger generation didn't expect you to be a miraculous doctor. It's really beyond the younger generation's expectation!" Gu Buguai laughed and said, "Little Hanako, now you don't have any more questions." Fang Bizheng said with a smile, "The younger generation really can't think of anything.." Suddenly,warehousing storage solutions, Xiao Jianhan shouted, "No!" "What's wrong, boy?" Asked Gu.
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